The Boating Search Engine

The Boating Search Engine searches Boating related sites and pages in two modes:

"AND" Mode (the default). This search retrieves results from pages containing all of the words (terms) included in the query box in any part of the page and not necessarily in the same order.

"Phrase" Mode. This search retrieves results from pages containg all of the words included in the query box in the exact same order.

The Boating Search Engine also provides, in partnership with Google, their full search capabilities both globally and country specific, namely and You can perform the same query both engines (including The Boating Search Engine) without the need to enter your search terms more than once.

robots.txt. The Boating Search Engine's spider follows the robots.txt directive. If you are a site owner or a webmaster and want to prevent your site or part of your site to be indexed by the Boating Search Engine you can use the robots.txt standard, by either
putting a robots.txt file into the root directory of the server, with the appropriate "disallow" directives, or by adding the necessary meta tags into the page headers.

The Boating Search Engine's user agent string (spider, crawler or bot) is "Sphider-plus".

More issues will be addressed on this section as they arise. Please use our "Contact us" form to ask for help not included in this page or to make suggestions for impovements.

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