The Boating Search Engine's Mission

The Boating Search Engine is an Independent Boating Search Engine with its own web crawler which spiders the web, searching and indexing predominantly Boating related content. The crawler makes use of its own propriatory algorithm to locate such content not just by the local IP address of spidered sites or the country TLD (.fr) but also by the actual content which can very well be part of any TLD sucn as .com, .net. .org and so on, hosted in any part of the world.

Our Mission is to give our users the benefit of searching specifically content related to Boating without getting overwelmed with tens or even hundreds millions of pages from WWW searching Engines: pages containing the same search terms, but many of them having nothing or very little to do with Boating and issues relating to Boating.

At the same time, part of our Mission is to concisely index and keep in databases the most important part of Boating's presence in the WWW, with frequent updates via automated crawler visits that sometimes, as in the case of News and Sports sites, are repeated in hourly intervals.

For the users of The Boating Search Engine we offer convenient ways to search plus a high relevance algorithm which we hope will make the first The Boating Search Engine an indispensable search tool for those searching Boating content, and much more, as it will be evident in the lines which follow:

Search Modes and other Searching the World

The Boating Search Engine searches Boating related sites and pages in two modes:

"AND" Mode (the default). This search retrieves results from pages containing all of the words (terms) included in the query box in any part of the page and not necessarily in the same order.

"Phrase" Mode. This search retrieves results from pages containg all of the words included in the query box in the exact same order.

The Boating Search Engine also provides, in partnership with Google, their full search capabilities both globally and country specific, namely and


The Boating Search Engine's spider follows the robots.txt directive. If you are a site owner or a webmaster and want to prevent your site or part of your site to be indexed by the Boating Search Engine you can use the robots.txt standard, by either
putting a robots.txt file into the root directory of the server, with the appropriate "disallow" directives, or by adding the necessary meta tags into the page headers.

The Boating Search Engine's user agent string (spider, crawler or bot) is "Sphider-plus".

More issues will be addressed on this section as they arise. Please use our "Contact us" form to ask for help not included in this page or to make suggestions for impovements.

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